Gargi Movie Budget & Box Office Collection Day 7

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Gargi is a new Tamil movie starring south Indian beauty Sai Pallavi in lead role. Hariharan Raju and Gautam Ramachandran are the writer of this legal drama movie release in Tamil language only. Govind Vasantha is the composer of the music used in this movie and directed by Gautam Ramachandran. Gargi was released on 15th of July this year in Tamilnadu and all south Indian states. Let’s find out some latest Bollywood Box Office Collections.

This movie was doing very good in box office. Gargi is a low budget movie. But box office collection of Gargi was shocked everyone. It doing far better on the weekend. Hense the movie is in Tamil, so all the good response was seen in Taminadu only. Its collection was   increasing day by day and the review on google was destroying.

Budget & Box Office Collection

Gargi MovieBudget & Box Office Collection
Day 11 Crore gross in Tamilnadu
Day 21.3 Crore in Tamilnadu
Day 32 Crore
Day 41 Crore
Day 50.82 Crore
Day 60.5 Crore
Gargi Collection InCanada, USA, Australia
USA32 Lakh
Australia0.6 Lakh
Canada2.8 Lakh

Story Line

Gargi (Sai Pallavi) was working in a school as a school teacher. She belonged to an poor family who did hard work to survive in life. Her father Brahmananda (R.S Shivaji) was working in a apprtment as a securityguard. Gargi’s mother was made rice batter and sell it on market near to their home. Gargi’s younger sister was small child who is in her school.

Oneday, Gargis’ father was seen that some boys are irritating a girl near to his apartment and he went to protect that girl from these guys. But they made a case aganst Gargis father Brahmanandam. Them the legal procedure was started in the courte. Gargis was started proving that her father was innocent. For more, watch Gargi movie.

Gargi Star Cast & Crew

Gargi StarCast & Crew
Sai PallaviSai Pallavi
InstagramSai Pallavi
Kaali Venkat
InstagramKaali Venkat
Aishwarya Lekshmi
InstagramAishwarya Lekshmi
R. S. Shivaji
InstagramR. S. Shivaji
Kavithalaya Krishnan
Kalesh Ramanand
InstagramKalesh Ramanand