Kaduva Budget & Box Office Collection

Kaduva is an Indian Malayalam movie. Kaduva means Tiger. It is a action malayali picture starting Prithviraj Sukumaran, Samyukta Menon and Vivek Oberoi. Prithviraj is in lead role and Samyukta is the opposite role and Vivek Oberoi was working as villain in this movie.

This movie is directed by Shaji Kailas and written by Jinu V. Abraham. Kaduva movie was released in 5 languages (Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil, Kannad and Hindi) to reach more audience accross India.

Kaduva Budget & Box Office Collection day3

Kaduva Budget & Box Office Collection Day1

Kaduva released on 7th of July and it is the highest gross in Kerala. The movie “Kaduva” is able to make 4 crore rupees in the opening day in Kerala. Its is the highest gross collection of actor Prithviraj.

The movie is able to make 87.6 Lakh rupees as pre-release booking in Kerala. Approximately 60 thausand tickets are sold before releasing the movie. The total Box Office collection of Kaduva is 4 Crore in day 1.

The total budget of the movie “Kaduva” is 18 crore rupees. It is all included promotion and paid for the Crue members.

Kaduva Budget & Box Office Collection Day2

As of now in day 2, Kaduva was able make good amount of money in Kerala. The total Box Office collection is 4 Crore. The movie was able to make 4 Crore rupess in day 1 and the total Box Office Collection of day 2 is 8 crore.

Kaduva Budget & Box Office Collection Day 3

As of now in day 3, Kaduva Box Office collection day 3 counting done. The total amount of Kaduva Day 3 is 7 Crore rupees. Kaduva total box office collection is 15 crore as of now in day 3.

Kaduva Budget & Box Office Collection Day 4

The day 4 is very good for Kaduva. The amount of Kaduva Box Office Collection day 4 is 4 Core.

Kaduva Budget & Box Office Collection Day 5

Kaduva was doing very good Kerala film industry. The box office collection in day 5 is 6 Crore. The total box office collection of Kaduva is 25 Crore rupees in day 5.

Filming and Photography

Photography of Kaduva was started in April 2021. Then, suddenly so many covid cases are reported in Kerala then covid-19 was held and all the works are stopped. Then finally on October 2021, all the works are resumed and it finished on March 2022. All the shooting works are done in Kerala. Mainly in Ernakulam, Vandiperiyar, Pala, Erattupetta and Mundak Kayam. Then the film makers are decided to release on 7th of July.

Kaduva Pre-release Business

Kaduva’s  pre-release business was very good as of Malayalam. Malayalam is grossly talk across all in Kerala, India. The OTT copyright is bought by the giant world leader Amazon. Total 40 Crore was made this movie as pre-release business. Kaduva was screening on 240+ screens across in Kerala only.

  • India Theartical – 10 Crore.
  • OTT Rights – Amazone for 15 Crore Rupess.
  • Satelite Right – Surya Tv for 10 Crore.