Planeta Singli 2016 | Cast & Crew, Story, Actors & More

Planeta Singli 2016 | Cast & Crew, Story, Actors & More

Planet Single (Planeta Singli) is a Polish drama-comdey movie release on 2016 starring Maciej Stuhr (as Tomek) and Agnieszka Więdłocha (as Ania) as the lead role in this movie. Planet Single was written by Sam Akina, Jules Jones and Mitja Okron. This movie was directed by the famous director Mitja Okron. The total lenth of this movie is 136 minutes and highly loved movie in Poland. The language of this movie is in Polish. All the location are used in this movie from Poland (different areas of Poland) only.

Story Line

Planet Single was showing 5 characters in the movie. One is Ania and Tomek and another story is of Ola, Bogdan and Zoska. Let’s have a look at these characters of Planeta Singli.

Ania and Tomek

The movie starts with a date of Tomek and Ania. Ania was working in a school as a music teacher and Tomek was a tv host and a comedian. Ania goes to a online date with Tomek. Tomek was free mindset guy and he wanted ania to sleep with him. But Ania wasn’t impressed with Tomek and leave that date night. After sometime (Tomorrow), Tomek was host a comedy show on tv and he present a new cast (a puppy) and named it to Hania. Tomek was make fun of Hania to show disrespect to Ania.

Ola, Bogdan and Zoska

Ola was Ania’s friend and she is hair dresser. She was not a very good and professional hairdresser. So her boss was fired her from her job. Bogdan was Ola’s boyfriend and he is the director of Ania’s school. Bogdan was married and he had a doughter and her name was Zoska. Zoska hates Ola. Because Ola is the only reason why Zoska’s mother left Bogdan.

Some how Ania knows that Bogdan was on Planet Single and she think that Bogdan was cheated Ola. Then Ania and Ola make fake profile on Planeta Singli. Then they started talking with Bigdan and fix a date. Bogdan was thinking that Ola was cheated on him. When Ola was left home, Bogdan was follow her and suddenly start fighting with Ola on the street. Then they brokeup and then after sometime, somehow they make this relationship again and live a beautiful life together.

Cast & Crew

Planeta SingliCast & Crew
Agnieszka Wiedlocha
Maciej Stuhr
Weronika Książkiewicz
Piotr Głowacki
Tomasz Karolak
Danuta Stenka
Michal Chacinski
Aleksandar Milicevic
Ewa Błaszczyk
Bogusław Linda
Anna Smołowik
Borys Szyc
Katarzyna Bujakiewicz
Michał Czernecki
Maria Pakulnis

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