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The Taming of the Shrewd is a romantic-comedy drama movie in Polish Language. It is a polish movie released in 2022. This movie is directed by Anna Weiczur-Bluszcz. This movie is a very popular movie in Poland. This is Netflix distribution starring by Piotr Cyrwus, Jan Kardasinski and Magdalena Lampaska.

The Taming of the Shrewd was release on 13th of April this year on Netflix worldwide. But their main target was Poland because this movie is in Polish language only. This movie was shooting on Warsaw and Mazowieckie which is located in Poland. Bagatela studio and Orient Films are the production house of this movie.

The Taming of the Shrewd Cast & Crew

The Taming of the ShrewdCast & Crew
The Taming of the Shrewd / Cast & CrewMagdalena Lamparska
InstagramMagdalena Lamparska
Mikołaj Roznerski
InstagramMikołaj Roznerski
Piotr Cyrwus
InstagramPiotr Cyrwus
Tomasz Sapryk
Dorota Landowska
InstagramDorota Landowska
Magdalena Schejbal
InstagramMagdalena Schejbal
Sławomir Zapała
InstagramSławomir Zapała
Mariusz Wach
InstagramMariusz Wach
Dorota Stalińska
InstagramDorota Stalińska
Jan Kardasiński
InstagramJan Kardasiński
Elżbieta Trzaskoś
InstagramElżbieta Trzaskoś
Adam Małysz
InstagramAdam Małysz


A scientist who broked up and wanted to move back to home to start over. She reached home and see that her brother was make a plan to sell their property. Her brother was hired a handsome stranger whose work is to convince her to sell their land. For more, watch The Taming of the Shrewd on Netflix.